Luxury partridge shooting in San Bruno, Castilla La Mancha

San Bruno is an estate situated in Ciudad Real province (Castilla La Mancha region) for traditional partridge shootings. They started to run partridge shootings around the year 1.920 and they have been working until nowadays thanks to a very deep and constant management. Probably, this term summed to a hard work and their concept of exclusivity have leaded the area to be one of the best 5 areas for this modality in Spain.

In San Bruno, partridges find the proper habitat for breeding thanks to the existence of large sowing areas and olive groves. Then, it is even usual to find large groups of birds just walking around the paths.

The area holds more than 12.000 acres of a very wavy terrain, full of hills and valleys that make high flights for the delight of the most skilled guns. Nevertheless, among its more than 15 different drives, you can find all kind of drives in order to every gun in San Bruno enjoys a great shooting day.

Usually, the day starts with a drive back to back, followed by a snack in the field. Later, two more drives are offered just interrupted again by some tapas offered as well in the field. In this way, usual results goes beyond 600 birds per day for a regular line from 6 up to 10 guns in 4 drives.

In terms of exclusivity, the area counts with a house destined to accommodate the group of guns and their companion guests. In total, it counts with 15 double rooms fully equipped, a big hall to meet and rest, and a large dinning room for big groups. Besides of it, the area is offering its own armoury with all kind of guns: side by side and over and under, in 12 or 20 bore. Furthermore, it provides all the cartridges and all the stuff in order to complete a successful shooting day.

Finally, in San Bruno is also possible to practice the big game hunting. Around 2.000 acres are used exclusively to the hunt of the Iberian red deer, the fallow deer, mouflon or wild boar. Thus, in this terrain so wavy and height many nice samples can be found, being usual harvesting big medals.